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Library has vast collections mainly compromised of reference books, fictions, periodicals and also audio visual material.


Opportunities to show mastery in varied ways, Foundational courses for entrance exams along with regular curriculum.

Quality Teaching

Holistic approach in teaching, Loving & caring atmosphere, Smart classes, Clear, timely assessment and support.

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Dolphin public school is surrounded by nature everywhere, the cushiony green pasture, with evergreen coconut palms. The greenery & expansive space adds to the overall development. The School is affiliated to Karnataka State Board.

The School aims at providing quality education to all the sections of the society. Our aim is to send the students into the wider world prepared to pursue their ambitions and enact the values and qualities, enlightening the school motto Reach Out, Reach High, and Reach Beyond.






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Dolphin Public School


We have a solid vision for developing well-skilled, responsible and confident individuals who can achieve their full potential. Our goal is to make all the children enjoy their learning, reach their potential and grasp all the skills they can by which they will have a strong independent future.


Our mission is to provide the breadth of opportunity to children from an early age to develop their abilities, discover passions and fulfill their potential while enjoying a caring structured and secure environment.

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Feel free to visit our campus. Eco-friendly & 100% Covid safety precautions to be taken.